Vi Rose will be representing the entire project so its important to make sure the character has enthusiasm and is able to connect with followers.

This means whoever voices Vi Rose needs to fully take ownership of the character by doing the following:

  • Take info from the team and rewrite it to however Vi Rose would present it
  • Give feedback and make suggestions about the character
  • Recommend new video posts outside of updates
  • Work with team members to bring the character to life (Motion Capture / Animaton)
  • Above all else, have fun with the character.  This will really make the personality shine

It is important to be in a relaxed / natural state.  We want the character to be relatable and not forced.

Vi Rose - Work in Progress

Vi Rose - Work in Progress

Short and natural introductions are great for character building.  This allows anyone who is discovering the character for the first time to jump right in.


  • Hi, Vi Rose here and today…
  • I’m Vi Rose and welcome to…
  • Vi Rose here again and today we’ll be…


We can also be more specific to say more about who she is:

  • Hello!  I’m Vi Rose, your host for all things ViRo Club.  Today we’re announcing…
  • Hi, I’m Vi Rose and welcome to another update from your wonderful ViRo Club host…


Our front page will have a full introduction so it will be more elaborate:

  • Hi, I’m Vi Rose, the host of Virtual Romance Club or ViRo Club for short.  ViRo Club is …


The most important thing is that its natural.

Its important to take information from the team and restructure it to deliver the message as Vi Rose would do it.  We don’t want her to read technical details from a document so any way you can breathe life into it will be essential.

Here is an example of a post that needs to be restructured.

Our team leader, Justin Moravetz, will be heading down to Hollywood to participate at the XBiz event.  He will be on a panel to discuss the Evolution of VR and how it relates to the adult industry.  Justin has done many speeches in the past about VR but this will be his first time discussing the topic in the porn industry.  Lets wish him the best of luck on his trip.

Don’t be afraid to change everything to make it more natural.  You can also inject reactions from the character as if she is giving her feelings about the subject.  The only important thing is to keep the details like names, dates, etc.

Vi Rose - Work in Progress

Vi Rose is animated using a combination of motion capture and face capture technology.  This means that being expressive during delivery is essential.

We have a motion capture space and an additional room for audio editing.  These will be where most of the assets for each video are generated.  We also have a dedicated computer for video editing / CG character animation.

These tools will be used during each recording to bring the full character to life.