VIRO Playspace aims to create safe, exploratory, virtual experiences where touch is encouraged, playfulness is required, and privacy is guaranteed.

Imagine a space where you can see and touch others in a safe environment without names or real faces. We've created the illusion of touch by supporting many adult toys that react in perfect sync to what you see. It's designed with the strengths of VR in mind but will run on a wide variety of platforms (desktop and mobile). We are a diverse group striving to create content for many assorted tastes.

VIRO Playspace Tenets


who you are and what you want to feel


new ideas and people to share them with


is guaranteed - no need to hold back


are always within your control

Safety Rules

are strictly enforced

Judgment Free

we are all different - express your true self

Touch Encouraged

feel a part of what makes us human

Social Spaces

created to help you meet other like-minded people

Adults Only

not your usual chat space

Our Mission

Virtual Romance Club is the world’s first haptic driven virtual social space where touch is encouraged, playfulness is required, and privacy guaranteed. It is a high-quality online platform for exploring fantasies without fear of judgment where users will be able to try solo experiences, both passive and interactive, and meet up with other like-minded users in one of our many social spaces

Safety, privacy, and boundaries are the key aspects in our project. We achieve this through everyone’s anonymity and boundaries that are always within the user’s control. While touch is both allowed and encouraged, users are in control of when and how that touch is received. Users are also given the ability to block those that bother them – giving users complete control of their environment

What makes Virtual Romance Club truly special are the social spaces for touch. We are the first to create the illusion of touch by supporting adult toys that react in perfect sync to what you see. We track human motion to provide real, immersive experiences from anywhere in the world. This allows users to experience real reactions, real conversations, and a deeper appreciation for the platform.

Sex is a language. We each speak it and yet, everyone has their own dialect. In some cases, the language of one individual is entirely foreign. Over time, some of us expand our individual vocabulary to better express ourselves but more often than not, people will do their best to adhere to the language that is expected of them. Not being able to express who we are leads to depression, isolation, and has a long history of real-world problems.

Without the freedom of self expression we are alienated from the true potential of self discovery.

Our goal is to bring people together to tell their stories in their own language, free of judgement, and fear. We are developing the tools to enable these people to express themselves in ways
that no other place can.

If we enable people, the story tells itself.