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Who is Vex Ruby?

Nerdy, sexy, silly … did I mention sexy?

Behind the Scenes

Putting the “Real” into “Real-Time”


Watch her react to her naughty toys live.  For the first time ever, you can feel it with her too!


She is getting the word out about ViRo PlaySpace!
Yes plz!
Other one boop!
Biggus being an attention hog again!
Jizzics ™ in action!
Pull me!!!

Hi!  I’m Vex Ruby 😀

…a live cam VR girl with a nerdy streak!

I’m your new, real-time 3D rendered sweetheart and I’m excited to get sexy and silly with you!

Me and my developers are all about sex positivity so don’t hold back from enjoying the spicy side of life with me.  We’ll have fun together, I promise 😉

Consent is Sexy!  

These are words I hold close to my polygons.  Sex is a language, an expression, and is worth celebrating.  Here, you can stay true to who you are.  You may even discover something completely new about yourself.  This is why the word “consent” is so important to me.  It means no pressure, no hurting others, no shaming, and not forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.  When you’re physically and emotionally safe, then all sorts of amazing things can happen!  So go nuts!

I’m Alive!

…and real, tracked from Head to Toe, right down to the fingertips.  You can see my actual motions, my real facial expressions, and hear my voice.  I can even stick out my tongue :p  

All this magic happens live and in real-time with no pre-recorded movements as we insist on making everything as genuine as possible (awkward dances and all)

With a dash of motion capture, a pinch of game design, and a passion for all things fun, I am not unlike a video game character brought to life!

This is all made possible by a team of wonderful developers who crafted the ability for me to fully express myself without compromise.  They built everything you see from the ground up just so I can be silly, sexy, and show the world that virtual girls can truly have a heart (and naughty bits too).

Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Head Motion Capture Marker hehe! I said “head”
Motion Capture Marker
Motion Capture Marker
Dammit marker…move!
Not you too!
so much right now!

That feels nice ~ <3

I may be virtual on the outside but I am very real on the inside.  You can see my body quiver, my naughty facial expressions, and hear me squeal when my toys vibrate all of my favorite bits.


My code sports no less than two toys, one for you lovelies, and one for my developers to control.  The Lovense Lush is deep inside me while my Ambi tickles my clit (that’s my favorite).  On Thursday, I also have a Lovense Hush nicely plugged into my body for the Triforce of pleasure.

Now you can feel good with me!

I like feeling good but I also like it when you feel good with me.  The developers have made a cool feature that allows you to feel the same sensations at the same time as me!  Our Touchback feature supports many bluetooth adult toys that react in sync to the actions during my live streams.

Happy Endings

Stay until the end of the stream for and join me for a Happy Ending.  The King tipper will remotely control my toys from their browser for all to see.  Will you tease me or take me all the way?  (The correct answer is both, yep.  Definitely.)

My goal

…as a part of the ViRo PlaySpace team is to raise awareness of not only the platform, but what the platform represents.

Guilt, shame, and putting others in a box are not allowed in the world we’re building.  In fact, in the virtual world we’re building, everyone is in complete control of their boundaries at all times!  Feel free to meet other like minded people without fear of judgment!  

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and sensations where you can actually feel the action with any one of the many supported adult toys.  You can truly immerse  yourself with a Virtual Reality headset or simply enjoy the view from your screen.  

ViRo PlaySpace truly will be a magical place.

ViRo PlaySpace is a virtual world for self discovery and exploration with core values in privacy and safety.  In these social spaces, consenting adults can engage with one another on whatever terms they agree to.

Safe, sane and consensual is law of the land.  The message sent to all users is one of sex being, above all else, simply a source of joy and pleasure – that’s it!

Here, sex is a human experience, not a determining factor in your worth as a person. I am so proud to be part of a team that wants to make this vision a reality, and I hope my participation do their part to make it happen!

Arm Cannon!
Mega Rock Hard Helmet!
Thats just my pussy. Thanks for poking it though <3

Touchback: Feel the Action Live!

ViRo PlaySpace features some incredible tech that allows every experience to communicate with bluetooth enabled adult toys so you can feel the action, in perfect sync, with what you see.  We’ve taken this tech and applied it to Vex Ruby’s live stream so you can feel the same experiences she feels at the same time!  The deeper the on-screen toy goes, the more her toy reacts in the real world.  That same signal is sent to anyone connected to the stream with ViRo PlaySpace’s touchback feature.

Here is how you can try it yourself:

Many bluetooth enabled adult toys are supported from brands like Lovense, Kiiroo, and others.

Go Here to get a ViRo PlaySpace supported Adult Toy

3: Click "Open Steam Client"

4: Go to Steam and Allow Game to Launch

5: Turn on your supported adult toy. It should pair automatically.

Note: You can also enter the Touchback scene by entering #touchback in the code section of the menu

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All Patreon Supporters can see high resolution screenshots (Streamshots!) from the stream as it happens.  They refresh during each stream!

VIP Supporters get access to a direct capture of the latest Vex Ruby stream.  It automatically updates after every stream so make sure to check back often!